Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hope Blog

Hello, welcome to my blog today  I will be writing a Poem about hope. The images used are from the show Thirteen Reasons Why.

Don't Give Up

They say not to dream too big. 
but not to dream to small.
Dream too big and you will feel small.
Dream to small and your dreams won't come true at all.
That is what they say but I have something that makes me stand tall.

Hope is what guides us
when I feel like the world is against my odds.
My mind feels like an ocean of sadness has taken my
ambition and made me diminish my expectations to fall small.
I always here my mind say, 
"Don't give up at all."

sometimes it's okay to not be okay because hope takes the pain away.
sometimes you will reach the bottom but,
 just don't give up and the pain will all go away.

This poem tells you what hope is and hope is that little voice in your head that tells you to try again. I think what threatens our hope is ourselves because we create hope because if we didn't have hope the word would be very different and a sad place. Hope is something we make that is beautiful and makes us stronger as individuals. Always believe in yourself even when you think no one else does. 
Cya! Stay strong and spread love

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



The short story of "The ones who walk away from Omelas," is a story about a perfect place where everyone is happy but the only way they can be happy is if a little boy stays in the basement and is never let out or treated nicely with complement and so on. This story was very confusing and weird and very cruel. I feel bad for the little boy and how they treated him and he was pretty much the on keeping things stable with his unhappiness while the whole place was happy and cheerful.
In the beginning it was a nice and describing a beautiful place but then once it got to the end it was horrible and I understand why the people would leave that place because that is just horrible how people could live there with knowing about the child in the basement. It is very sad that an animal would be treated better than that child in the basement. The reason it is so bad is because they believe that a young child's unhappiness will give their society happiness. I think that they think the child symbolizes something. I say this because it is a child in the basement. I think it symbolizes youth and happiness because that's what comes to mind when I think of a child. The society has that happiness captured in a room and as it is captured it gives others happiness that they are not that child? Maybe that is how they see the child.
That must be it. I mean why other torment a child and call the child an it an dehumanize a person. I am happy for the people who understood what was going on and left. They did the right thing by not basically using the child to be happy in a beautiful place. The world I live in makes it better than then where the child lives in. That is my review on this short story and I wish it was a book so we could understand more.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happiness Blog

Happiness Blog

Hello, welcome to my blog today I will be discussing a Ted Talk from Graham Hill. 
Now let's get formal and talk about what he says and what I think about it.
In the Ted Talk, "Less stuff, More Happiness," was a video about how if you have less stuff it can actually equal to more happiness and you can save money and the earth. In the Ted Talk he gives examples of this by explaining showing a small apartment that has everything he wants that can transforms into a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, guest room and a theater. This small apartment would contain all of these things and all this would cost less than more. If we all did this we would be happier and help the environment.
The reflection I got from this is that if we have less we are happier because we appreciate the things we have. Less stuff gives you more happiness because the more you have less of stuff the more we spend our lives living in the present and spend all our time with the people close to us. I agree with Mr.Hill because he has some great points in his talk. We all think the more we have the more happier we are but no it's more of a greed thing. We want and want and don't care about the consequences and that's why we suffer with debt and pollution.
Overall this Ted Talk really makes a person think and I really enjoyed this Ted Talk.  It took a while for me to find a Ted Talk I would enjoy and I found it with Mr.Hill. The Ted Talk really does help you understand that less stuff makes you happier and everything around you happier. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unhappiness Ted Talk

Science of Happiness Ted Talk

The science of happiness from Dan Gilbert is logic that seems like it could be one hundred percent true. The concept he put together and the talk he put together was very well put and it did get me thinking. The human mind is incredible of how we process life and emotions. It is truly incredible how he put together such science and presented it. This ted talk actually made think about happiness and it's concepts and more. This blog will be filled with my opinion on the ted talk and it is kind of like a review.
He was right when he said if we don't get what we want we create this own happiness so we could avoid being said and depressed. We make something fake and act like we are find and act like it had no effect on us and make an a illusion that we are happy with out what we wanted. For example Melanie Martinez was eliminated in the voice and she thought she wouldn't become a successful singer and she found a record label and joined it and now is pretty popular. Yes she wasn't happy about being eliminated but she put her foot forward and moved on from the voice with no time to lick her wounds like an injured animal but more like she continued on with her wounds and kept strong and become as popular as she can to show those judges.

The thing about happiness is once we get what we want are we truly happy? That is my real question. I know when we don't get what we want we have like a fake happiness and try to make an illusion of happiness. The thing about us all is if we aren't happy we will do everything we can to be happy. Whatever it takes we will achieve happiness. Make it how you want. Fake happiness or real happiness. That is what I got from the ted talk and it really did make me think. Please do remember this isn't saying your happiness is fake this is just telling you my opinions of what I got from the ted talk.
 Please enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?

    If people told me to define happiness it would be in my perspective and if it was then it wouldn't be accurate. Happiness is many things we interpret it to be. This will be how I interpret happiness and what happiness means to me. My definition of happiness may be different from what you think is happiness but your way of happiness isn't wrong.

What happiness means to me is family and friends because they do a lot for me in life and I learn lessons from them and I get to hear their stories that will teach me very valuable lessons. My family is always their for me and are always helping me and my family is just very supportive of me and my life decisions. My friends mean everything to me because they are always helping me learn lessons everyday and the make me smile and laugh. These people impact my life and they are the ones that can break me and build me up. Things that make you happy also are things that can make you cry.

The other thing that makes me happier is having my little cousin with me. My cousin is thirteen and she is my happiness. She is like a little sister me that I love so much. She is the reason I love being who I am and she is the reason I try my best for her. I try my best so I can have enough money when I am older so me and her can live together. During the break she was here with me and I miss her so much. She is my happiness and now that she is moved away it breaks me. She was suppose to live with us but her mother said no last minute and I couldn't spend much time with her but I love her and miss her and hope to see her soon.

As you saw my happiness is how I interpret it. My happiness probably isn't the same as yours but you get the idea. Happiness is how you make it to be and my happiness is all in here and this blog is filled with my honesty and my heart was poured out. That is what happiness is to me.

Thursday, November 17, 2016



 The topic today is Self-control! Self-control can help anyone and take someone a lot of effort. If you want to succeed in life you need self-control. It is an important part of your life because it helps you get stuff done. Self-control can help you achieve your dreams and the way of life.
Well, I am gonna go straight into my thoughts on self-control. Self-control is always good because it shows how strong you are as a person. Just like the Marshmallow experiment it shows how much self-discipline people have and knowing that the self-control helps you do better in school means self-control can take you a long way! People forget that you don't just automatically have self-control it has to be taught! Just like how Joshua Bell. He is a amazing Violinist but he had to have self-control and patience to become an amazing violinist.
To become what you want to become you need dedication and patients and most of all self-control to get over the obstacles.  To be what you wanna be you need challenges to be an amazing Violinist,Singer, doctor and Ect. It takes time to have self control so don't be to hard on yourself remember we are human beings and it takes a while to learn. Like everyone says, “Practice makes perfect.” With this don’t push yourself too hard though! Then you will have a workaholic problem! You don’t want that! Anyway, don’t ever give up and always remember that you can’t be perfect at everything we're human after all.
Well that's all bye~~~!!

Stereotypes/ Misperception

Hello everyone and sorry for my absents it is just I am really sick and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Stereotypes/ Misperception

I have never been Stereotyped or Misperception in my life but I can give you my thoughts on it. In my opinion is stereotypes are rude and annoying. I think this generation uses stereotypes as a joke so we don’t take it serious. Then again the society today is very sensitive on stereotypes and misperception. Some people even make a huge fight about it and social media doesn’t help at all.

Well look up the definition of stereotypes. When I look it up on google I get, “A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” This shows that stereotypes aren’t a pleasant thing. In other words the words stereotypes is a person with not an opened mind and in my opinion that sucks that their mind is that fixed.

Now on to the definition of misconception. When I look this term on google I get, “A view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.” From the definition I don’t think misconception is that bad. It is just a small mistake. Then again it can be very rude. Remember that this is just my opinion and you do not have to agree.

In overall I think they are both  terrible and I think we all shouldn’t have that mindset. In my opinion we should all have open minds and not judge people on their appearances. This is all my opinion and you do not have to agree.